Friday, August 28, 2015

Full Circle

Sometimes It take a catastrophe Of an event , to shake us back into our Full Reality.
Ive never been one for tragedy, But I do Love The Essence Of a Phoenix; What comes after the tragedy.
Some things are self inflicted, Like holding the poison that you see is labeled, and still drinking it. Im not blaming the poison for this discomfort, but boy is the Tastte and effect An awakening.
I guess you could say I never really Lost my voice, just set it aside for my Duty.
Sacred Holy Path, and How could I have ever forgotten the Sacred Path Of Self Love and Healing.
 As I sit here with a Razor In my lap, and marks on my arm- I cant help but Feel whole in the Doing of everything, Although, From my observations & Experiences , the self harm in itself is the Re-creation of Reality. For some sick twisted reason, self harm is comforting. I havent had the urge in Years, Like since High school..
But as Old wounds are flashed through my mind, Mixed with the new - I cant help but remember the calm I felt as a razor sliced me . Its like , Reality can hit you like a bus, and when the Shutting down begins, the pain is what keeps you in check. It shows you that with the pain there is awakening. " This is reality, You do not wish to feel these emotions, here, let me wake you up."

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